Email Marketing Obstacles

Email Marketing seems like a great idea but sometimes it doesn't work, this article explains some reasons why.

Why does email marketing not always work?

Their are a large variety of reasons email marketing doesn't always work it usually comes down to quality and size. The following suggestions should help you decide if your email campaign is on the right track or not.

Make sure your emails look good on all major email browsers.

Getting your email to look good on most people's computer or mobile device is extremely tricky to manage. It should 'auto-magically' happen for you but it doesn't.

Their are email testing services like that make this process easy for you but they can be a little pricy for some businesses.

If you hire somebody to create an email template ask for proof that the template works in all major email browsers. This is a must-have for email campaigns. You would be surprised at how many email campaigns are not properly tested.

Question the quality of your email lists.

Gathering a good quality email list that responds to your offers can be tricky. When somebody opens up a commercial email they are most likely going to ask themselves 'what's in it for me?' or 'why should I be interested?'.

Make your offers really easy to find.

You don't have much time to convince a prospect that your email is worth looking at. Generally speaking people are quite time poor and people don't want to fish around too much in their email inbox looking for possible opportunities. If you have a great offer put it up the top of your email and make it obvious. This will give your email campaign a great fighting chance.

Email campaign size also matters.

Most commercial emails are never opened, therefore the numbers game does matter. But don't select anybody to be on your list, quality obviously matters as well. People do value their email address so it can be hard to gather a good list, people need a decent reason to give up their address. Lots of people are willing to trade their email and give permission for you to advertise to them if they have a convincing reason.

Maybe setup a competition or give away a piece of software to help collect a decent list. Finally keep it legal, it is now easier than ever to report a company for spamming.

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