What is a customer persona?

Exploring customer personas so you know why and how to create them

Customer personas is a growing trend in the digital marketing industry. They allow you to clearly imagine who you are really marketing towards. They outline your target markets behaviour, demographics and reasons for looking at your products.

How To Build a Customer Persona
Start by looking at the information you have on you customers, what is in common with them? Which type of customer you ideally want to attract. Places like your sales team, receptionist or even Google Analytics might be able to help you find information on your target market.

If you don't have any information on your customers then you will have to make some assumptions. This should not deter you from making customer personas, you need to have a clear image of your customers because in a way they are ultimately your boss. They decide if you stay on business by choosing to buy from you or a competitor.

Try to get a clear picture of who you are marketing towards, what makes them distinct? Why do they want to use your product? What is their behaviour like online?

Once you have gathered enough information on your preferred target market it is time to do some outside research. Try to find out where they might want to hear about your product. Analysing your competitions marketing strategy might give you some clues.

Why Make Customer Personas?
The reason for a customer persona is so it helps you create a marketing strategy that will resonate, engage and convert your target market into long term customers.

Customer personas should explain why your target market would want to do business with you and how they would like to do business with you.

The more accurate the persona, the better. To help you understand customer personas better I have included a video that explains one way they can be created.

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